Hong Kong Tour Dates:

May 26, 9:30: Backstage, Central Hong Kong 

May 27, 9:30: Peel Fresco, Lan Kwai Fong HK 

June 1, 9:00: Skylark, Shau Kei Wan HK 

The Jazz Tellers are a trio that comprises Berklee Scholarship Students Callum Mackenzie on the Saxophone, Lee Dynes on guitar and Nate Wong on drums.


They are currently on their second International tour in consecutive years and are excited to be sponsored by Berklee College of Music again. Last year they performed 30 dates including live performances on the media outlets Fox 45, NBC 15, WMSE and RTHK. This year their tour will travel from Boston to New York, Ohio, California and Hong Kong.


The music is wildly improvisational, interactive and exciting. The band performs a variety of originals, free improvisations and standards performed in a completely unique way but dripping in jazz tradition. The trio format allows the three to communicate quickly and spontaneously and showcase their agility on their instruments and as a collective group. 


Come to experience a night of music that is energetic, beautiful, thought provoking and spontaneous all at once.

2011 Summer Tour Dates:

May 5, 8:00:              Massasoit Lounge, Cambridge MA 

May 8, 2:00:              Pottery on the Hudson, Scarsdale NY

May 13, 9:00:            Green Fire Bistro, Tipp City OH 

May 14, 5:00:            BBQ and Jazz, Tipp City OH 

May 14, 9:00:            Leaf and Vine, Troy OH  

May 15, 7:30:            Spinoza’s, Beavercreek OH

May 16, 1:00:            Soaring Sounds, Centerville OH

May 19, 6:00:            19 Broadway, Fairfax CA  

May 21, 7:30:            Savanna Jazz, San Francisco CA 

May 26, 9:00:            Backstage, Central Hong Kong 

May 27, 9:00:            Peel Fresco, Lan Kwai Fong HK 

May 29, 9:00:            Peel Fresco, Lan Kwai Fong HK

June 1, 9:00:              Skylark, Central HK  

June 3, 1:00:              HKUST, HK 

July 24th, 1:00:         Spectacle Island, Boston

July 25th, 5:00:         Regatta Bar, Boston

Booking info: thejazztellers@gmail.com

                       Nate: (415) 806 4880


The Jazz Tellers